CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Our experienced faculty teaches you with practically enhanced material to improve your English skills and language abilities. Before enrolling a student we make sure that they give a language placement test so that we can ensure their current level of English skills and place them accordingly. Our English language is divided into these groups-

Level 1 (Basic)

English basic users (A1, A2)

A1- Beginner

A2- Elementary English.

Level 2 (Independent)

English Independent users(B1, B2)

B1- intermediate English

B2- upper intermediate English

Level 3 (Proficient Level)

Proficient English users(C1, C2)

C1- Advance English

C2- Proficiency English

One to One

One to one teaching is made more special by the fact that many teachers have to develop their own strategies, approaches and materials; The One-to-One classes will focus 100% on your specific needs. We will the areas a student need to strengthen and work with him to meet your individual goals.

Personality Development

In these classes we make sure that the grooming of a person’s inner and outer self is done to bring a positive change in him and also his distinct persona can be polished, developed and refined. Under personality development many things will be covered like, etiquettes, how to use your body language, do’s and don’ts of Group Discussion, how to speak your mind and many more….


If you one of those who wants to learn Hindi language hailing from abroad then we are the one to who can help you achieve your dream. Our Hindi language course is divided into these categories:
• Basic
• Independent


For all those individuals who are planning to go to abroad for job and not getting through just because of improper preparation of ILETS for them Highbrow is the platform that you need. We cover all four sections of the paper – reading, writing, listening and speaking comprehensively. At the end of the course we make sure that students give mock tests to evaluate their performance.


ILETS Life Skills

According to CEFR level of English it comes under A1 & A2 level which tests English listening and speaking skills for people who are applying visa for immigration purpose.


It is a secured test approved by UK government which would test your English reading, writing, speaking and listing skills along with visa application for immigration purpose. It comes under B2 level.

English as a Second Language

The world is an increasingly globalized place where individuals are communicating among and between multiple cultures each day. Today, an individual has access to a vast array of information from a variety of world cultures at the touch of a button. For those of us in the English speaking world, we take access to this information for granted. Elsewhere, however, much of the world’s information is beyond their reach, locked in English.

That is one reason why learning English as a second language has become so popular. In fact, English is now the world’s most widely spoken second language, surpassing all others. In fact, more people now speak English as a second language than as their first language.