Hostel Life


What’s the life like at Highbrow Education’s Hostel?

At Highbrow Education, we are proud to call our hostel a mini world where students from diverse backgrounds can connect, share experiences, and create lasting friendships. Our hostel not only provides a comfortable and safe accommodation option, but also offers an excellent opportunity for students to explore and appreciate different cultures and lifestyles.


Living alongside students of different nationalities, religions, and cultures is an enriching experience that encourages mutual respect, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Students can practice their English skills while making meaningful connections with others. They can also gain invaluable global perspectives that help them become more empathetic and understanding citizens of the world.

Our accommodation is designed to be clean, comfortable, and safe, with well-lit and airy rooms, a picturesque garden, and fully-equipped kitchen and dining areas. Our friendly staff is always available to assist students with their needs, creating a warm and welcoming home away from home. Come and experience our hostel, where diversity is celebrated and lifelong friendships are made.

Facilities for International Students

At Highbrow Education, we take pleasure in offering high-quality coaching to International students from all across Asia and the Middle East, so far, we have taught students from Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Thailand. In addition to our proficiency in teaching English, we also offer coaching for a variety of standardized tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, and YLE. Our qualified teachers are committed to assisting our students in achieving their desired test results, which will ensure their success in both their academic and professional activities.


We are situated amidst the hills in the green valley of Dehradun, hence the joy of learning doubles itself amongst nature. On top, we provide all our international students and learners with a hostel filled with homely vibes hence reducing the stress of finding a place to stay.