Embark on an exciting journey into the rich tapestry of the Chinese language with our comprehensive 3-month basic level course! At our institute, we are dedicated to providing you with an immersive learning experience, focusing on listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills. Join us today and open the door to endless opportunities by mastering one of the world's most spoken languages. Enroll Now and empower your communication skills, cultural understanding, and future endeavors!

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Highbrow Education’s University Counselling Services encompass the following:.

  • 1-1 session with a dedicated student counsellor to guide you through the overall application process
  • Pre-departure information session for a smooth travel experience
  • Assistance in foreign exchange
  • Application review and submission to finalised universities
  • Assisting you with confirmation of enrollment procedures and payment of tuition fees to the university
  • Guidance and preparation for visa document submission and potential interviews
  • Providing you with a potential list of universities based on your areas of interest and academic profile, including examination grades and test scores
  • Personal guidance on the requirements of various universities and how you can achieve them
  • Step-by-step insight into the admission procedure for your finalised university choices
  • Guidelines for the preparation of your Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation, followed by multiple reviews until submission

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    Duration 2 YEAR
    ELIGIBILITY: Graduation/DBA/
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