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At Highbrow Education, we believe in helping people overcome the barriers that people face during learning a language other than their mother tongue or one they are not familiar with.

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    Welcome to Highbrow Education

    By enrolling at Highbrow Education, you will learn and experience different cultures and backgrounds so that you can be prepared to live and work in a diverse world.


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    Highbrow Education offers accredited certifications from reputable institutions.

    WELCOME TO Highbrow Education

    Welcome to Highbrow education institute. We at Highbrow education institute offer language courses, skill development, personality development, and other educational facilities to all students and working organisations around the globe.

    Unique Features of our programs COURSES OFFERED

    Highbrow Education Features

    • British Council-trained teachers

    • Malleable Study Time

      Individual problem-solving sessions

    • Malleable Study Time

      Voice modulation with Pitch and Pace Change

    • Malleable Study Time

      Confidence-building activities

    • Malleable Study Time

      Enhancing listening skills

    • Malleable Study Time

      Certifications provided on completion of courses

    Highbrow Education Features

    British Council-trained teachers

    Individual problem-solving sessions

    Voice modulation with Pitch and Pace Change

    Confidence-building activities

    Enhancing listening skills

    Certifications provided on completion of courses

    Test your English
    Level Placement Test

    Are you wondering whether or not you need the help of Highbrow Education? Take our curated Level Placement Test and find out! You will have 1 hour to finish 3 levels which will test your English grammar and comprehension skills.

    Hostel Facilities

    Highbrow Education provides all our international students and learners with a hostel filled with homely vibes hence reducing the stress of finding a place to stay when you enroll with us.

    The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

    • 36
      Certified Courses
    • 258,658
      Students Enrolled
    • 95%
      Passing to Universities
    • 100%
      Satisfied Parents

    Let’s Explore Dehradun –

    Highbrow Education is situated amidst the hills in the green valley called Dehradun. Hence the joy of learning doubles itself in nature. It is after all known for its awesome climate and economical lifestyle. Plus, it has a lot of nice weekend getaways, great eateries, and excellent bakeries and is well connected by road, railways, and airports.

    You might be wondering why Dehradun?

    Well, Dehradun is also known as the “Educational Capital of India” and is home to prestigious institutions such as Doon School, Welham Boys, and Girls, Kasiga School, and St. Georges, just to name a few. The education foundation the schools of this city have created for children is unmatched!

    On a personal level, after working in different cities, we realized that the city of Dehradun has as much more to offer than the other places which is why we shifted base and here we are. Of course, being born and brought up in Dehradun definitely made that decision a lot easier. We look forward to having you here and helping you explore more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is English a hard language to learn?

      If you have the will to learn, then no language is difficult to learn. We learn our native languages at a young age by listening, speaking, reading, and writing and the same concept applies to learning a new language when we are older.

    • Can Highbrow Education help me speak fluent English without hesitation?

      Yes, we can! Confidence is key to speaking English fluently, which is along with Highbrow Education’s English courses, we also conduct Confidence building and Personality Development activities that will allow you to come out of your shell and speak English without any apprehensions.

    There are many ways to learn OUR BLOGS

    Alumini Testimonials

    • A brilliant one-of-a kind institution run by a superb facilitator and teacher Kavita. She is tremendously helpful in giving you the perfect tips and techniques to ace IELTS and also the language and communication skills that you need to gain International education and build a career abroad. I owe my 8 in IELTS Score to Highbrow Education to help me achieve my Germany to Canada dream.Kudos to Kavita and her highly passionate happy, fun and engaging team. You just don't get a great academic faculty when you sign up with them, you also get in to a FAMILY of educators and counselours with Kavita at the helm who make your dream their own They are amazingly invested in your success and will give you the experience of a lifetime! Keep shining Highbrow Education. Read more

      Sumana Bhattacharya Abhishek
    • Studying here helped me to score good bands. There's a very friendly environment and no load on students. Everything is understandable. Teacher and the staff are really really good. It was good experience studying here Read more

    • Studying IELTS here helped me a lot not only scoring good bands but also in my pronunciation and vocabulary. I had a great time here, a nice environment and good teacher cum motivator (Kavita Mam).The staff is also good here. (Ajit bhaiya and Anu mam), their nature. behaviour, courtesy. I would personally recommend Read more

      Shivam Adhikari
    • Studying IELTS here was great experience for me, it's amaing how my coach, Kavita Pant creates a comfortable and friendly environment which helped me learning as well as in achieving the desired result. I am so thankful to her. Highbrow Education is one of the best institute for learning English language Read more

      Varnita Sharma
    • it's great institute to study English and prepare for IELTS test, and they take care about studies, it's nice experience for me to study in highbrow Read more

      SAMI ALSLWY, Yemen
    • I highly recommend Highbrow Education to study in. A leading English language institute in Dehradun, with a variety of programs, professional team, and great instructors whom they excel on their mission to teach multinational students the needed skills to master one of the most essential languages in the world Read more

    • It's one of the best institutes in Dehradun to study English. Also, the teachers are very good and offer a lot of services and assistance to students so that they can master the English language very well Read more

    • A very nice place that provides a beautiful environment for study and living. I also came from Saudi Arabia and I did not feel alienated here. Thank you Highbrow Read more

      Abdul Rahman Basaleh