About Us

Highbrow Education is a renowned institution that focuses on improving students' English language capabilities

About The Institute

Highbrow Education is a renowned institution that focuses on improving students’ English language capabilities. Founded by Kavita Pant, the institute, has been helping students for more than seven years and has developed an exceptional reputation in the education industry.

The Institute is located at 196/1, AB Tower, 2nd Floor, Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun Our goal is to support each student in achieving their objectives by offering them individual coaching and assistance that is based on their specific requirement. For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades, it is about giving students the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. With the right support, learning any language becomes an exhilarating journey

English as a Second Language

The world is an increasingly globalized place where individuals are communicating among and between multiple cultures each day. Today, an individual has access to a vast array of information from a variety of world cultures at the touch of a button. For those of us in the English-speaking world, we take access to this information for granted. Elsewhere, however, much of the world’s information is beyond their reach, locked in English. That is one reason why learning English as a second language has become so popular. English is now the world’s most widely spoken second language, surpassing all others. More people now speak English as a second language than as their first language.
At Highbrow Education, we aim to educate through practical teaching methods and inculcate life-changing experiences to mold an individual. Our experienced and dedicated faculty knows well what an individual needs and hence they serve to make you better.
We all know language plays the most important role in today’s world to create one’s impression. The more languages you know, the better it becomes. And when it comes to the universal language ‘English’, it actually becomes the most needed thing. Besides English, we also teach Hindi, IELTS, and IELTS life skills as well. So we provide you with everything that you need at one stop.


At Highbrow Education, our vision is to empower individuals to communicate effectively in the English language and become global citizens who are capable of connecting and collaborating with people from diverse cultures.


At Highbrow Education, our mission is to provide practical and innovative teaching methods that cater to the individual needs of our students. We aim to deliver quality education that is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background, and help them achieve their language goals.

FOUNDER message

At Highbrow Education, we empower our students with the essential language skills and cultural competency required to thrive in an increasingly globalised society. We believe that language learning extends beyond the mastery of grammar and vocabulary. Our programmes focus on developing our students’ confidence and communication skills to ensure they are ready to face any challenge or opportunity they may encounter. Our goal is to ensure that our students become successful global citizens.

Our Values


We strive to deliver the best quality education and constantly improve ourselves to meet the needs of our students.


We celebrate diversity and respect all cultures and backgrounds.


We understand and respect the unique needs of each individual student, and create a safe and supportive learning environment.


We continuously innovate and adapt our teaching methods to meet the evolving needs of our students.

Kavita Pant

Kavita Pant is a highly qualified trainee of the British Council and has also undergone training in PTE, TOEFL, and OET. She has an outstanding reputation in the field with over 18 years of experience. She firmly believes in “Knowledge is Power” because knowledge opens the door to success for everyone. She is committed to providing the highest quality education and guidance and looks forward to the opportunity to help students achieve their language goals.

ouR Staff

Anupama Thapliyal

(English and IELTS instructor)

Anupa Chakraborty


Archie bisht

(English and Mandarin)


(PTE instructor)

Anupama Thapliyal

Anupama Thapliyal possesses an excellent command over the English and Hindi Languages with years of experience in online teaching. Her expertise includes spoken communication and has a proven track record of delivering top-notch education in a professional setting.

Anupa Chakraborty

Anupa Chakraborty has well-developed communication skills allowing her to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively. Her expertise makes her an ideal candidate for anyone seeking professional help.